Project Name:Zhongyijicheng  Electromechanical Commercial plaza model

Model Scale:1:250

Model Size:6m*5m

Model Description:

Zhongyijicheng  Electromechanical Commercial plaza model made by Chengdu Jingcheng Tiancheng model Co.,Ltd.

The Commercial plaza model building scale and landscape proportions are rational designed,can clearly realize the whole project and traffic conditions, perfectly reflects the beautiful environment and superior traffic situation. Jingcheng Tiancheng Model using high-end materials and high-tech equipment carving the model of production, exactly reflect the characteristics of the building. And according to different requirements of different functional areas and facades, the building facade body block formed of different materials to reflect the complexity of integrated body and orderly coexistence characteristics.
Zhongyijicheng  Electromechanical market is built in Qingbaijiang Government’s strong support, the key projects of provincial, municipal and district levels of government,according to market-oriented operation.The total investment of 2.5 billion, the planned area total of 600 acres of land, construction area of 800,000 square meters.It can accommodate 3000 market merchants settled after the completion.