Model Name:Tongwei International Centre Model

Model Size:2*2M

Model scale:1:100

Model description:

Tongwei International Centre Model made by Chengdu Jingcheng Tiancheng Model Co., LTD.

This commercial building model produced by using high quality ABS and glass,Transparent building with light reflects the magnificent buildings.Top model for office space,According to the project design for the collocation of the light,Reflects the building strong contemporary feeling,The underlying business district,Use warm color lighting to show downtown commercial atmosphere. it’s a exquisite commercial building model.

The lighting control system we adopt is layers of lighting effects,could present a dynamic lighting effects,Flexible control,You can see the diversity of the project characteristics.In the square Jingcheng Tiancheng Model also designed the characters,In order to let visitors can envisioned the future square life atmosphere,Promote customer purchase desire.Model from several aspects to satisfy the customer’s needs,It’s a set of high-end commercial building models of the atmosphere.

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