3D Holographic Display
3D Holographic Display

3D Holographic Display

Dear customer,

We provide 3D Holographic Display Solution for exhibition, agriculture, real estate marketing ,government agencies and business requirement all over the world.

The 3D Holographic Display are patterns produced in three-dimensional images. Holographic projection is a kind of 3d technology without wearing glasses, the audience can see 3 d virtual characters. Holograms are recorded with the use of patterns of the light referred to as holography.

This technology is now being used by various companies in promoting their products. Clients always want something new and enthusiastic with interesting inventions. And 3D holographic projection is new and interesting.

we put 180/270/360 degree Holographic combining hardware and software together. 360 Holographic is more popular in commercial exhibition because customers will see the products carefully from all different angles.our company produced 360 holographic imaging system with a clear and vivid appearance fashion, the imaging effect, and strong stereo sense.