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We are a animation company in Chengdu,China, We provide Planning Animation(City planning animation, industrial area planning animation) professional Customized Service for the customer all over the world.

3d Planning animation is widely used in the medical field, especially the cosmetic surgery. but in the present era, more and more commercial activities take 3d animation video for exhibition and attract customers. because of severe competition in real estate, no architect can make his plan without this innovative,3d animation is a better way for exhibition.

With the hard work of our experiences designer, the quality of 3D animation is better and better day by day.
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About JC-Enoch company

The creation of 3D animations consists of three stages:
1. Modeling
Modeling is the phase, in which 3D mesh, model or shape of the object is created.

2. Layout and animation
3D objects are dispatched for movements in this stage. There are various types of techniques, used in the process of animation like inverse kinematics, keyframing, and motion capture. All these techniques are used simultaneously or according to the situation.

3. Rendering
3D object is converted in an image in this stage. It is the most vital stage of the whole process. Use of light and camera, is significant in this process. Shadow, mood, reflection, waves and special effects are created by the help of various 3D software.

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Only one company got ISO 9001 Certification among our peer companies in the Southwest of China.
An area of 8000 square meters factory and 4 professional workshops to ensure smooth production work flow and time delivery.
Over 600 staffs, powerful team including professional designers and skilled technical worker.
16 Years Experience, Over 20000+ cases of successful cooperation

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