Model Name:Kela Business Center Model

Model Scale:1:100

Model Size:1.5*2M

Model Description: Kela Business Center Model produced by the Chengdu Jingcheng Tiancheng Model Co., Ltd.

The high-level model for the office, the underlying is commercial centers, Jingcheng model in the production of give full consideration to the building structure, make full use of lighting effects to show different regions of the atmosphere. The made of high-grade transparent material, top with white light chang show the construction of modern fashion style, the underlying warm light reflects the commercial atmosphere of the business district. Using a variety of different plants in the landscape, carefully arranged, reflecting project and comfortable living environment, more vivid manifestation of the square of the lively atmosphere, we are still on the square design character models, so that visitors can through the model show the expected square next to the picture of life in, greatly increasing the settled in the desire of customers. This commercial building Model overall feel the high-end atmosphere, fully reflects the high-end quality of the project.

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