Terrain Sand Table Model is a kind of model which is used to indicate geological structural features of an area, when people is planning a construction project or building project , terrain sand table model plays a very important role. Through which people can terrain has a certain understanding of the region, is of great help to make a plan, but also through it to understand the climate conditions in the region, to understand the terrain detail to better use, to get a more reasonable development and utilization.

It should be base on the the practical geological situation to make a terrain sand table model. The precision of the model should be accurate. Due to the differences of geological and climate condition in different area, the types of landform is various. let us learn more about some kind of landform below, so it would be helpful for us to understand the why to make a terrain sand table model and we can learn more about natural knowledge.

Karst landform Sand Table Model

This landscape is also known as karst, the feature of this landform contain the surface of stone forest, funnel, karren, such as landscape, underground in the major branch rivers and so on.To make this kind of terrain model to grasp the features of its surface, so as to more standard to produce the ideal model.

Glacial chronology landform Sand Table Model

The landscape a at high altitudes, the temperature is below zero degrees centigrade, have long no snow and ice, with the accumulation of time, the snow will become blue and transparent ice, gradually formed a variety of unusual shape. Along with the geological movement and the important role of the ice itself, the ice will slide down along the slope, forming glacier landforms.

Seismic geomorphology landform Sand Table Model

This landscape caused by crustal movement, movement due to underground plates, between plate and plate will have a certain impact, cause the deformation of the earth’s surface, some places two plates due to the huge impact strength, still can make crash was high out of the ground, form the mountain. While some places will fall into the earth’s surface to form lakes.

According to the features of these landform, we can do Sand Table Model well.

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