Model Name:Chengdu Jinniu District Public Center Model

Model size:1*2M

Model scale:1:100

Model Introduction: Chengdu Jinniu District Public Center Model produced by the Chengdu Jingcheng Tiancheng Model Co.,Ltd.

This model is a large complex commercial building  model, used high-grade ABS plate and organic glass laser engraving, transparent building built can clearly see the inside of the scenes, vivid reproduction of life inside the scene.

Commercial model decorative with cool light, reflect the construction of modern fashion sense.  Used respectively the two contrast large lights on the substrate, the business district is warm light reflected a business atmosphere, while the leisure areas use the more brighter lighting to reflect the modern sense. The model also reflects the traffic situation of the project, the whole model feeling a high-end atmosphere,as the construction itself, it is a set of high quality commercial building model.