Property sales need high quality the Architectural Model ,when customer get into the sales offices, usually see Architectural Model at first glance, in addition, many large real estate company also to make location model and interior models, good real estate model will display the various advantages of the project building intuitively and clearly , location, traffic, House type, etc . Since the role of the real estate model to be reckoned with, I believe every real estate company want to realize property sell like hot cakes.

So, How to Judge the Stand or Fall for a Architectural Model ?

1st. Accurate Scale Size of model

When watching the architectural model, attentive person will discover that there are scale and size marked near the model. For visitors ,it may be just to help you understand the relationship between model and the proportion of real estate. But for model company, the proportion is carefully designed, after thinking over and over again to make sure. The proportion of each part should be carefully considered to keep the whole architecture model tidy and beautiful.if the proportion set improperly, it will make the viewer feel uncomfortable.

2nd. Clean and neat appearance

As the saying goes, the clothes make the man, it is same ture for architectural model. A clean and neat appearance for a real estate model contains eye-catching essential factors. Below model is made by JC model, the clean and neat appearance makes comfortable, as if it is not only a model of real estate, but a work of art.


3rd. The choice of materials

The choice of material also is the indispensable condition to make a good real estate model. We must according to the project construction style, achieve the display effect to choose the corresponding materials and create high-grade, have qualitative feeling real estate model.

Architecture Model example

4th.The reasonable lighting system layout

Different scenarios to decorate the corresponding lights, such as residential model use warm color light, build sweet livable effect, the mall with colorful neon lighting effects, foil gives strong commercial atmosphere, and so on.

Rich vegetation and kits

With people’s yearning to afforest environment, greening landscape became one of the important advantages of real estate. For the model of real estate need reflecting the environment beautiful as far as possible and paying attention to close to nature at the same time; Kits of model will decorate proper style and position, don’t let the audience feel sense of incongruity.

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